Créditos para VisualEditor

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Principal Authors (major contributors, alphabetically)

Alex Monk <[email protected]>
Bartosz Dziewoński <[email protected]>
Christian Williams <[email protected]>
David Lynch <[email protected]>
Ed Sanders <[email protected]>
Inez Korczyński <[email protected]>
James D. Forrester <[email protected]>
Moriel Schottlender <[email protected]>
Roan Kattouw <[email protected]>
Rob Moen <[email protected]>
Timo Tijhof <[email protected]>
Trevor Parscal <[email protected]>

Patch Contributors (minor contributors, alphabetically)

Aaron Schulz <[email protected]>
Adam Wight <[email protected]>
addshore <[email protected]>
Alexander Emsenhuber <[email protected]>
Amir E. Aharoni <[email protected]>
Andrew Garrett <[email protected]>
Andrew Green <[email protected]>
ankita-ks <[email protected]>
Antoine Musso <[email protected]>
Arlo Breault <[email protected]>
Audrey Tang <[email protected]>
Brad Jorsch <[email protected]>
Brion Vibber <[email protected]>
C. Scott Ananian <[email protected]>
Carl Fürstenberg <[email protected]>
cenarium <[email protected]>
Chad Horohoe <[email protected]>
Chris McMahon <[email protected]>
Dan Duvall <[email protected]>
David Chan <[email protected]>
Derk-Jan Hartman <[email protected]>
Deskana <[email protected]>
Douglas Gardner <[email protected]>
Ebrahim Byagowi <[email protected]>
ecotg <[email protected]>
Egbe Eugene <[email protected]>
Elena Tonkovidova <[email protected]>
eranroz <[email protected]>
Erick Guan <[email protected]>
Erik Moeller <[email protected]>
Federico Leva <[email protected]>
Florian <florian.sch[email protected]>
Frédéric Bolduc <[email protected]>
Gabriel Wicke <[email protected]>
Gergő Tisza <[email protected]>
Gilles Dubuc <[email protected]>
Glaisher <[email protected]>
Helder <[email protected]>
IvanFon <[email protected]>
Jamison Lofthouse <[email protected]>
Jeff Hall <[email protected]>
Jiabao <[email protected]>
jo12bar <[email protected]>
John Du Hart <[email protected]>
Jon Robson <[email protected]>
Juliusz Gonera <[email protected]>
Justin Du <[email protected]>
Kaity Hammerstein <[email protected]>
Kunal Mehta <[email protected]>
Kyle Florence <[email protected]>
Legoktm <[email protected]>
Leszek Manicki <[email protected]>
lokal-profil <[email protected]>
Marc Ordinas i Llopis <[email protected]>
Marielle Volz <[email protected]>
Mark A. Hershberger <[email protected]>
Mark Holmquist <[email protected]>
Marko Obrovac <[email protected]>
Matthew Flaschen <[email protected]>
Matthias Mullie <[email protected]>
maurelio <[email protected]>
Max Semenik <[email protected]>
mayankmadan <[email protected]>
Mukunda Modell <[email protected]>
Neil Kandalgaonkar <[email protected]>
Nemo bis <[email protected]>
Niklas Laxström <[email protected]>
Obaid Raza <[email protected]>
Ori Livneh <[email protected]>
Paladox <[email protected]>
palerdot <[email protected]>
Pavel Selitskas <[email protected]>
Peter Coti <[email protected]>
Prateek Saxena <[email protected]>
Quim Gil <[email protected]>
rachel99 <[email protected]>
Raimond Spekking <[email protected]>
Ricordisamoa <[email protected]>
Ritsyy <[email protected]>
Robert Vogel <[email protected]>
Rummana Yasmeen <[email protected]>
Ryan Kaldari <[email protected]>
Sam Reed <[email protected]>
Sam Smith <[email protected]>
Seb35 <[email protected]>
shirayuki <[email protected]>
Siebrand Mazeland <[email protected]>
Steven Zhang <[email protected]>
Subramanya Sastry <[email protected]>
Sucheta Ghoshal <[email protected]>
Thalia Chan <[email protected]>
This, that and the other <[email protected]>
Tim Starling <[email protected]>
Tongbo Sui <[email protected]>
Tpt <[email protected]>
Umherirrender <[email protected]>
Vikas S Yaligar <[email protected]>
Volker E <[email protected]>
wctaiwan <[email protected]>
WMDE-Fisch <[email protected]>
Yuki Shira <[email protected]>
Željko Filipin <[email protected]>

Libraries used (alphabetically)

 – DWTFYWT licence
 – David Chambers, based off gist by yahiko

 – MIT license
 – jQuery Foundation and other contributors

jQuery i18n
 – MIT license (dual with GPL v2)
 – Wikimedia Language Engineering Team and other contributors

jQuery ULS
 – MIT license (dual with GPL v2)
 – Wikimedia Language Engineering Team and other contributors

 – BSD license
 – Snowtide Informatics Systems, Inc.

 – MIT license
 – OOjs Team and other contributors

 – MIT license
 – OOjs UI Team and other contributors

 – MIT license
 – Ed Sanders and other contributors

 – MIT license
 – UnicodeJS Team and other contributors

 – MIT license
 – VisualEditor Team and other contributors